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How Foam Forms on Rivers & Lakes

Have you ever been walking by a river and noticed a strange foam built up where the water is hitting the shore or where a branch is dangling out into the waves? I know I have. Until recently, I always just sadly shook my head and assumed the worst – pollution. I’d walk on thinking […]

What to Wear for Your Multi-Day River Rafting Trip!

After months of planning, you’re finally onto the last stage of preparing for your trip – packing! We’ve all been there, staring at our clothing options for way too long, worried that we’ll make the wrong choice or be unprepared. Truth be told, even if you’re a pro at packing for a river trip, if […]

Thixotropic Mud Video

Here at Copper Oar, we’re just crazy about mud (or glacial silt, to be exact). Found alongside all our glacially-fed rivers, the mud is a result of the upstream glaciers carving down the landscape and chewing up rocks into fine-textured silt. Washed downstream by the river, the silt deposits along the riverbanks, gets scoured away […]

Thanks for the Wonderful 2020 Season!

As our 2020 rafting season draws to a close, the weather cools down, the river levels drop, and the guides prepare to put the rafting gear into winter storage. While we miss spending our days exploring Wrangell-St. Elias National Park by the water, we spend this time reminiscing on our favorite trips of the summer. […]

Wilderness Recipe – Copper Oar’s Salmon Salad!

If you’ve been on our Nizina Raft and Flightsee Trip, chances are the guides uncovered some homemade Salmon Salad to enjoy at lunchtime. A staple with our rafting lunch, the guides at Copper Oar have certainly honed in the recipe over the years, and we thought we’d share it with your guests! Warning – this […]

Wilderness Cookin’ – Dutch Oven Baking

One of the most important pieces of rafting equipment (besides the actual rafts of course), is the old chuckwagon standard – the Dutch oven. While it’s not as great to bring along on a backpacking trip (unless you like to pack in cast iron), on the river, it’s great to treat yourself to cakes, brownies, […]

Wilderness Recipe – Granola

Although granola is something that you can buy, we always enjoy making things on our own, so we can tailor them to our tastes/preferences. With granola, the sky’s the limit – you can add dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and it’ll still turn out tasty. Here’s a basic recipe we like to use, but feel free […]

Hunker Hauser River Game Video

    When we’re on the river, there’s often plenty of time for riverside entertainment, whether it be riddles, music, or games. One of our favorite games for river trips is Hunker Hauser. It tests balance and agility using equipment we’re already carrying along on the river – perfect! Here’s how to play: Place two […]

Guide Spotlight (kind of) – Sally

While I usually like to take this time to spotlight one of our guides, there’s a member of the Copper Oar team who’s been around the longest, but is often overlooked. Meet Sally, our trusty ’79 Chevy Suburban. The workhorse of Copper Oar, Sally spends her summer full of our Raft and Flightsee Equipment, shuttling […]

White River Backpack, Float and Fly

For someone looking for an epic historical adventure, this trip would start with a flight, progress by foot, and end in a packraft, having covered nearly a hundred miles, starting in the United States and ending across the border in Canada.

Skolai to Nizina Multi-Sport

If you can’t decide between exploring the Wrangells by foot or on the water, why not do both? This trip combines an impressive 7 day backpacking trip with 3 days of rafting to create an amazing wilderness experience. Prepare to traverse some of the most beautiful terrain in the park, exploring high alpine passes and […]

Root Glacier Ice Climbing

For those who wish to experience the thrill of ice climbing in Alaska, the Root Glacier Ice Climbing trip is for you! Whether you’re new to the sport or have previous climbing experience, our guides will show you the “ropes” and provide expert instruction while you climb in one of the most beautiful locations in […]

Half-Day Root Glacier Hike

This hike is perfect for anyone who can hike about 5 miles, and has a passion for exploring new areas and seeing new sights! Enjoy hiking past waterfalls, rivers, blue pools, canyons, crevasses, and many other glacial features. The “Coolest” Hike in Alaska!

Full-Day Root Glacier Hike

If you have only one day to spend in Kennecott, than this is the hike to do. Prepare to spend about 8 hours on your trip, as you explore blue pools, crevasses, waterfalls, moulins, and caves. This hike is perfect for anyone who can hike 8-10 miles in a day, and is ready to get […]

Tebay Lake Fly-In Kayaking

Enjoy a breathtaking bush plane flight to the serene waters of Tebay Lake, where you can spend the day hiking meadows of tundra, or paddling through its crystalline waters.

Kennicott Glacier Kayak

Paddle your own inflatable kayak along the rocky “moonscape” at the toe of the Kennicott Glacier…

Ultimate Wilderness

From the rugged alpine of the Chugach Mountains to the iceberg-filled waters of Prince William Sound, the Ultimate Wilderness combines a 4 day base-camp hiking trip with a 4-day sea kayaking trip, all linked together with transportation, lodging and additional activities…

Nizina Glacier Hike & Kayak

Located within a short bush plane flight of McCarthy, Alaska, the Nizina Glacier offers a spectacular setting for a remote, wilderness base-camping adventure. Surrounded by grand peaks, the massive ice flow of the Nizina Glacier will take your breath away, as it descends from the high snow fields surrounding 13,845 ft (4,219m) Regal Mountain. At […]

Nizina Glacier Fly-In Kayaking

Take a bush plane flight deep into the Wrangell Mountains backcountry, and then spend the day paddling your own inflatable kayak among the icebergs of breathtaking Nizina Lake. See the beauty and power of the glaciers as it forms the headwaters of the Nizina River.

Wilderness Recipe – Banana Boats

Everybody knows about making s’mores when camping, but take your campfire dessert to the next level with Banana Boats! With a full serving of fruit, simple ingredients, and easy clean-up, it’s no wonder this delicious recipe is a crowd pleaser. Here’s how:

Brooklyn to Alaska Rafting Dance Video

This year, Copper Oar Rafting was proud to participate in the 2nd Annual Girls Brooklyn to Alaska Project! This project is a non-profit organization that brings Brooklyn teens to the Wrangell-St. Elias classroom. Many of the kids who participate in this program have never been outside of the city, never seen a national park, never set up a tent, […]

Wilderness Recipe – Enchilada Pie

On our rafting trips, we love cooking in a dutch oven. It’s nice to “set it and forget it,” leaving time for relaxing, enjoying the campfire, or playing our favorite river games. Here’s one of our favorite dutch oven recipes – Enchilada Pie. Enjoy!

Wilderness Recipe – Easy Seafood Appetizer

By Sarah Ebright, Guide  As with most recipes my mother shares with me, she thinks it would be a nice for a dinner party, and I think – how can I cook this on a rafting trip? Well this appetizer fits the bill for both – while it’s classy and delicious, it’s also easy to […]

Guide Spotlight – Robin Weiss

Robin first joined our team many years ago as the “Rafting Intern,” earning his keep by hauling gear, packing/unpacking for trips, and assisting the river guides in any way possible. While he came to us with significant whitewater experience down in the lower 48 states, he was completely new to the nuances of Alaska rivers. […]

Brooklyn to Alaska: Between Two Pines

By Leslie Hundhammer, Guide  The plane landed at Nizina lake and dropped off six teenage girls from Brooklyn. Their eyes were wide, they were laughing, and they had just seen four grizzly bears. The first task after landing was to get three fully inflated rafts a quarter mile down a rocky trail to the lake. […]

Tech Tip – Camping with Kids

Are you thinking about doing a family camping trip this year with your kids? Having grown up camping, we think that’s a great idea! And if spending the night in a tent with your little ones sounds like a daunting task, don’t worry. With a little preparation (and pro-tips from Copper Oar), your kiddos will […]

Wilderness Recipe – Powerhouse Popcorn

When you’re out in the backcountry and far from a microwave, popcorn might not be your first thought, but it’s an excellent snack for the trail (or river)! Lightweight and compact (and very durable), it’s easy to pack in, and can be popped within minutes as a tasty appetizer to dinner. The basic instructions are […]

Silly Singing on the River

Ever wonder what happens off the water on our rafting trips? Here’s a short video of Copper Oar guide Dale performing his “Mosquito Song” on the shores of the Copper River. (He was taking a break from being the head chef). Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! If you’re a music lover like Dale, […]

Down River

By Leslie Hundhammer, Guide  Something I love about rafting is that there is no turning around, no backing out, and no changing your mind. On rivers in Alaska, there is rarely roadside access, the water is never warm, and the current is fast. Even with all of the luxuries of boating — good food, decent […]

When the Fireweed turns to Cotton

By Leslie Hundhammer, Guide  The first day I noticed the leaves changing color was July 24th. It was partly cloudy; the air was crisp and cool and damp. I imagined what July 24th is like on the coast of southern California, or the high desert mountains of central Oregon, or in the humid, thick air […]

Spotlight on Adventure – Jokulhlaup Packrafting

Pronounced “YO-kel-yawp,” a Jökulhlaup is a large release of water from a lake formed by the glacial damming of a stream (imagine placing a 500 foot ice wall in front of a river!)  In our area, Hidden Creek Lake is formed where Hidden Creek runs into the side of the Kennicott Glacier, pooling into a […]

Child’s Glacier Calving into the Copper River

Rafting down the mighty Copper River towards Cordova, Alaska adventurers float past the towering face of the Child’s Glacier. At 300 feet tall, the Child’s Glacier flows into the river channel, shedding enormous chunks of ice as it is undercut by the river’s current.   Several years ago, a key bridge was destroyed by the river, […]

White River Combo

Fly, hike and packraft over a hundred miles of wilderness.

Nizina Fly, Raft & Hike

Do it all: Fly into the upper Nizina for five days of rafting and hiking!

Nizina Raft & Flightsee

Raft three exciting rivers in a day, finishing with a scenic flight.

Source to Sea

Raft over 200 miles from glacial headwaters to the ocean.

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