This year, Copper Oar Rafting was proud to participate in the 2nd Annual Girls Brooklyn to Alaska Project! This project is a non-profit organization that brings Brooklyn teens to the Wrangell-St. Elias classroom. Many of the kids who participate in this program have never been outside of the city, never seen a national park, never set up a tent, and never been this far out of their comfort zone. Started by Sam Gregory after his life-changing experience in Wrangell-St. Elias, the goal of Brooklyn to Alaska is to provide a monumental trip and inspire young teens in the wilderness. In the past, the program has been offered exclusively to Brooklyn boys, but in recent years, they’ve been offering a girls trip too!
Rafting from Nizina Lake to Chitina, this 6-day trip involved many challenges (rain, bushwhacking, and bugs), but also many fun new experiences for the whole group! Swimming in the river, making s’mores and banana boats over the campfire, and dancing along the gravel riverbanks became our routine. Dancing? You heard it right! While the guides and trip leaders taught the girls valuable camping skills, the Brooklyn gals taught the adults a few things as well! Check out this video of our sweet step routine- perfected after after lots of practice (LOTS of practice) and choreography on the beautiful banks of the Nizina and Chitina Rivers!

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