When we’re on the river, there’s often plenty of time for riverside entertainment, whether it be riddles, music, or games. One of our favorite games for river trips is Hunker Hauser. It tests balance and agility using equipment we’re already carrying along on the river – perfect! Here’s how to play:

Place two ammo-cans (great waterproof storage boxes on the river!) on the ground approximately 10 feet apart. Lay a rope out on the ground from can to can (a throw bag rope works great!). Have each participant stand on an ammo-can with one foot, holding the end of the rope in their hands. On the count of 3, have each person take up the slack in the rope. The goal of each participant is to make the other one step off the ammo can by taking up and letting out slack on the rope (and hopefully throwing your opponent off balance). May the best Hunker Hauser win!

Still have a few questions about how this game works? Check out this video of Jonny and Daniel playing the game on our Raft and Flightsee Trip!

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