Harrison Koontz

Born and raised in California, Harrison’s dabbled in almost every outdoor pursuit you can imagine. His drive for newer and bigger outdoor experiences eventually led him to Alaska where he’s ice [...]

Merritt Poling

Merritt had the honor of growing up in Idaho, surrounded by some of the finest whitewater rivers in the world. He earned himself many a sunburn (he’s pretty pale to begin with) on the [...]

Tim Riedel

Tim Riedel is the former manager of Copper Oar and the most courteous and enthusiastic flight attendant Alaska Airlines has ever known. If you don’t get lucky enough to catch him serving peanuts [...]

Howard Mozen

Howard Mozen is the founder of Copper Oar and still leads trips. Both of his hands are quite full these days as two lil’ Mozens, Avery and Owen, now roam the Alaska wilds. However, he continues [...]

Carleton Lane

Carleton Lane always wears a hat. Probably because the hats usually look better than the hair underneath. On a cold day he can often be found shamelessly wearing a blue fleece hat with [...]

Dale Meck

Dale talked his way into a river guide position back in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since. Lucky us. Before joining the guiding world, he’s been a backhoe operator, a civil design engineer, and a [...]

Jonny Cromwell

Living off a strict diet of poutine and Canadian bacon, Jonny “Bomber” Cromwell was a guide down in Haines before the allure of the Wrangell Mountains drew him in. Residing in a self-converted [...]

Leslie Hundhammer

Known for her infectious smile (even after 7 days of straight rain) and extensive river knowledge, Leslie “The Hammer” Hundhammer first started guiding the rivers of Southeast Alaska before [...]

Sarah Ebright

While she used to swear by “frozen water sports,” primarily enjoying skiing and ice climbing, the silty waters of the Wrangell Mountains slowly wore away at her, until she bought a packraft and [...]

Robin Weiss

He’s all fun and games on shore, but as soon as he hops into his boat and puts on his captain’s hat, Captain Rob is ready to teach you about the river, landscape, flora, and fauna – basically any [...]

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