Carleton Lane

    Carleton Lane always wears a hat. Probably because the hats usually look better than the hair underneath. On a cold day he can often be found shamelessly wearing a blue fleece hat with snowflakes; on a rainy day it’s the red wide-brim, and on warmer days he alternates between baseball caps displaying the company logos. Despite the bad hair, Carleton is a fantastic guide with experience leading backpacking, climbing and rafting trips throughout the country. Although he is now employed year round managing outdoor recreation at a Colorado Military Base, Carleton can’t stay away from Alaska for long, and comes back for a trip every now and then just to show off his bad hair. You may find Carleton rowing a raft or scaling an ice-wall, but always he will have that mellow, contagious grin on his face and a hat of some sort perched on his noggin.

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