Cody Simmons

    Copper Oar Owner Cody grew up in the outdoors in Portland, Oregon, where he spent his time climbing, biking, boating, and refining his telemark skiing skills (How do you know if there’s a teleskier at your party? Don’t worry. They’ll tell you). First arriving in the Wrangells as a “dry lander,” Cody has ever since been captivated by the massive size, sounds, and beauty of Alaskan rivers (not to mention how much easier sitting in a boat is than walking…). After going all-in and buying a packraft, he has dedicated himself to running as many Wrangell rivers as he can, a list that currently stands at 12. His usual toy of choice is a packraft, but he never complains when he gets to spend some time on the oars. Cody’s biggest goal is to see and experience as much of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park as he can, and whether that’s by raft, foot, ski, or plane, he’ll take anything he can get.

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