Dale Meck

    Dale talked his way into a river guide position back in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since. Lucky us. Before joining the guiding world, he’s been a backhoe operator, a civil design engineer, and a traveling pizza salesman. Dale remains an avid rock climber, skier, and backpacker (not to mention a ferocious scrabble player). He has traveled across the continent in a homemade, hand-painted pop-up camper looking for stunning granite walls, secret powder stashes, and new mountains to climb.

    Dale is the proud owner of an alpaca raft named “Improvise,” which he has paddled throughout Alaska as well as parts of Colorado and Utah. He also owns a guitar drybag, which keeps safe his precious guitar, which you may be lucky enough to hear him play on a multi-day river trip. Dale spends the winters perfecting various delicious dutch oven recipes. He is master of the kitchen – you never eat this well at home, let alone in the wilderness! He also owns an overwhelming number of silly hats and has a penchant for riding icebergs.

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