Merritt Poling

    Merritt had the honor of growing up in Idaho, surrounded by some of the finest whitewater rivers in the world. He earned himself many a sunburn (he’s pretty pale to begin with) on the middle fork of the Payette, paddle-rafting class-IV and -V stretches of river (and never once falling out of the boat, a point of pride that few others ever seemed to find nearly as interesting as he did; or maybe they were just jealous). Since arriving in Alaska, Merritt has enjoyed adapting to Alaska’s rivers (they are very different), and will gladly talk your ear off about that process. For that matter, feel free to ask him about pretty much anything. Flora. Fauna. Craft beer. Post-postmodern literature. You get the idea. He’s an inveterate nerd with a penchant for having and sharing opinions. But, y’know. In a fun way.

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    man with a raft